In order for the paper to be included in the Proceedings, at least one of the authors must register for the Conference. All the received papers will be peer reviewed by the committee of technical advisors and selected papers will be published in . International Journal of repute listed in the approved Journals of UGC and having (indexing in Thomson Reuters, Scopus, EBSCO, Informatics, Penn state University)

Paper submission is open! Click the submission page link given below to access the paper submission website. (Please note that you have to create an account to initiate the submission process.) Papers in MS Word format (doc/docx) must be submitted to Easychair.

Submission page link:

Submission Guidelines

I. The papers must comply with the paper template and should not be more than 6 (six) pages.
II. Figures must be clear. Labels must not be truncated. The text labels in the images must be clearly visible.
III. The authors must develop original image. The images must be of high resolution for proper rendering of the final published PDF paper and should not distort on zooming. Or the author can use Microsoft Office tools to create the images. The images need not be colourful. If need be, the author must accommodate the image throughout the width of the paper (both columns).
IV. The authors should use the features of Microsoft Equation or suitable software to create the formulae. Images of the formulae are not acceptable.
V. The CRC must be cross-checked for any typing and spelling errors. The abstract should not generally start with “We”, “In this paper”, “Because” et. cetera.
VI. List of references must be expanded by adding more recent journal papers to include further data sources. Minimum of 12 references are necessary.
VII. The author should try to import the graphs directly from MS Excel or other tools rather than converting the graph into a bit-map image. This reduces the quality of the graph.
VIII. Isolated website references such as “[1]” must not be used. The reference must be accompanied with relevant information regarding the source.