“To develop technical manpower of quality standards with capabilities of accepting new challenges.”

Chairman’s Desk

Originally hailing from the legal profession, but inspired by the cause of professional education and with a vision of building the best possible infrastructure in this area, I took the initiative and led a group of my friends, and we together established educational institutions. And the results are before you to see – as many as five lines of educational activities have been established and these streams of education are here to stay and grow. More are on the anvil. We promoted these institutions through non-profit Educational Trusts. We began these activities in a humble way, starting with Management (MBA programme), then moving into Law (LLB) and then into Computer Applications (MCA and BCA). And we kept up our onward journey, and along that journey, we achieved additional milestones of growth – in the form of an Engineering College (B.Tech. in different branches), and beyond, a Polytechnic for various streams. We have brought in the best available professional manpower to operate these colleges.

I, on my part, and my other trustees have done our work of establishing institutions for you. Our task now is (besides expansion or diversification) to have continued vigil to see that the institutions we have established operate along effective and efficient lines for its beneficiaries. And you are the beneficiaries.

I personally welcome you to this institutional group for the discipline or program which you want to join, and I wish you all the best!


Director’s Desk

Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology [NBA accredited Institution] established in the year 2002, is a leading engineering institute of Punjab and north India. We are proud that this institution has consistently maintained its tradition of excellence in the field of technical education till date. We have a mission to serve the humanity by providing quality technical education to students and transforming them into employable managers, technocrats, bureaucrats and above all good citizens of India. After 14 years of service, we feel proud that thousands of our students have established their identity in industries, government organizations, trans-national companies and universities in different capacities, functional areas, countries and work environments through their technical knowledge and skill that they have been infused with during their tenure in BGIET.

The Institute provides competent technical manpower to the country. We believe in strong industry-institute collaboration. We work through an ERP system wherein the students receive all the information through a single window. Hassle free information access and quality education are the key objectives set by us. Research is an integral part of formal education. In today’s competitive global scenario, it is essential to inculcate research culture and habits amongst students and faculty. The faculty and students are encouraged to work on state of art research projects, carry out expert consultancy work and create wealth of knowledge by filing patents in a multidisciplinary work environment. Apart from academics other activities like sports, cultural, extracurricular and social are equally important to boost their confidence, improve communication/presentation skill, build team spirit, inculcate sportsmanship, leadership quality and decision making ability. In tune with our Institute’s Vision and Mission our commitment is to develop human beings who are technologically superior having social concern.

Dr. Tanuja Srivastava
Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering & Technology

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