News Letter/Award & Honors

Date(s) Program By Names of the departmental  Coordinator Attendance (for) Activity/Area
28th February, 2022 National Science Day 2022 Applied Sciences Department Dr. Harminder Singh 180 Academics
16th-17th November, 2021 Industrial Visit Verka Plant Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jindal

Mr. Parul Kamboj

120 Academics
29th October, 2021 Deepotsav Applied Sciences Department Ms. Rajneesh Kaur

Ms. Simranjeet Kaur

Mr. Parul Kamboj

80 Cultural
5th October, 2021 Talent Hunt Applied Sciences Department Dr. Jitender Rattan 110 Cultural
6th & 7th  September, 2021 Student Orientation Program Applied Sciences Department Dr. Renu Sharma 240 Academics
26th June, 2021 Anti Drug and Illicit Trafficking Applied Sciences Department Mr. Malkeet Singh 80 Share drug facts to save lives
5th June, 2021 World Environment Day Case Studies And Debate Competition Dr. Vandana Sharma 110 Ecosystem Restoration
28th February, 2020 National Science Day 2020 Applied Sciences Department Mr. Parul Kamboj 110 Academics
5th September,2019 Teachers Day Celebration Applied Sciences Department Dr. Jitender Rattan 20 Academics
28th February, 2019 Science Day Applied Sciences Department Mr. Yadwinder Kaushal Faculty members/students Academics
4th October, 2018 Industrial Visit Verka Plant Mr. Malkeet Singh

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jindal

19th September, 2018 Talent Hunt Applied Sciences Department Mr. Malkeet Singh
5th-6th September, 2018 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Applied Sciences Department Dr. Harminder Singh
1st week February, 2018 Quiz Competition 1st Round Ms. Nidhi Kalra All students, B.Tech 1 year Quiz
1st week March, 2018 Quiz Competition 2nd Round Ms. Nidhi Kalra Top 5 students from total 35 Quiz
1st week April, 2018 Quiz Competition 3rd Round Ms. Nidhi Kalra Top 2 students from total 14 Quiz
1st week of January, 2017 Cross Talk Dr. Harminder Singh All students
1st week February, 2017 Group Discussion Dr. Harminder Singh All students
1st week March, 2017 Extempore Dr. Harminder Singh All students

To commemorate the Raman effect by Nobel Laureate C.V Raman and spread awareness about the importance of sciences in everyday life, Department of Applied Sciences in BGIET organized Poster Making Competition and a PPT Competition on the occasion of National Science Day. This year, the theme for National Science Day is ‘Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for Sustainable future.The ceremony commenced with the kindling of the holy lamp of knowledge and wisdom followed by a welcome address by Dr. Harminder Singh honourable chief guest Dr. Sushil Kumar urged students to draw inspiration from the life of the noble laureate Dr Raman and adopt a scientific temper for becoming successful in life. Dr.(prof) Tanuja Shri Vastava ,Director BGIET appreciated the students for coming forth and participating in extramural activities for their holistic development.


Educational visits play a significant role in the curriculum at Sangrur. These Educational visits and field trips add a lot of practical knowledge to the learning. It is interdisciplinary in nature and comes as a learning tool for all the subjects . Students of BGIET ,B.Tech, Applied Sciences of first semester visited Verka Milk Plant, Sangrur on industrial visit. It will enhance their knowledge by learning things physically.Likewise a highly educated and knowledgeable trip to Verka Milk Plant, Sangrur was planned under the guidance of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for the students of B Tech and learnt about the nutritional value of milk, processing and packaging of the milk products.


BGIET hosted the orientation Program, a unique fusion of specially engineered academic and non-academic activities, to nurture, mould and fortify engineering entrants for the days to come. Total 500 entrants from Civil, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, and Production branches of engineering participated enthusiastically and obtained benefit from the program. They were provided the cursory view of various dimensions of engineering and the career opportunities in the field and the systems and procedures of the BGIET to ease their transition to the core engineering program. They were enlightened about the prospective scope of the arena that they had opted for their success. The BGIET committee for Induction programme invited experts from different leading industries and esteemed institutions to interact with the entrants and brief the learners with their expertise in various fields. Along with expert talks, the students were exposed to village visit and industrial visits for catering their social as well as technical side of learning.


BGIET students actively participated in the Anti-Drug Awareness campaign program, arranged by the department of Applied Science, on 27th September .. The session was presided over by Mr. Malkeet Singh, Chairman , Dr.Guninderjeet Singh Jawandha addressed the students and explained about the effects of drug usage. Cultural teams, which included a music band, performed a skit and a play related to the theme. Boys Hostel warden and faculty members also attended the event.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the opportunity for everyone to realize the responsibility to care for the Earth and to become agents of change. World Environment Day is celebrated each year . It is celebrated in many ways like street rallies, parades; street plays which helps create awareness about world environment BGIET Students participated in contests like poster contests, essay contests, poetry contests, slogan contests and debates are held to celebrate this event further. The main objective always is to get the people involved with the environment. Some cities have art exhibitions with art made from recycled materials. Some get celebrities to endorse these campaigns. Banners are put all across the street promoting the message of World Environment Day.Tree planting drives are also held in cities by BGIET students . Awards were given out to those neighborhoods that have made a significant effort to take care of the environment.Broadcast of public service announcements on TV and radio help to renew people’s efforts to saving the environment. Conferences were held to educate people about the efforts that can be made to preserve the environment.The World Environment Day’s agenda is to give importance to environmental issues. It hopes to empower people to become active agents promoting the cause of the environment. In lieu of this, students were inspired and motivated to plant more trees in and around their own surroundings contributing to a healthier and cleaner society which in turn will make a greener Earth.

Teachers Day Celebration

It was an auspicious day for students, to celebrate Teachers’ Day .“Teacher” is defined as a Motivational candle of student’s life.By this view BGIET, organized teacher’s day on 5th Sept at BGIET campus. On this occasion students conducted lectures on various subjects like computer organization and soft Skills in the respective classes. Students presented gifts, as a token of respect. HOD Applied Sciences and respected faculty members inaugurated the program by lightening the lamp. Dr.Tanuja Srivastwa Director BGIET also graced the event by visiting the department and shared her views and motivated students in building their career . Hence forth Dr.Tanuja Srivastva guided students and gave the overview of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, also gave the importance of teacher in every student’s life. One of the students described the meaning of teacher by giving a nice poem on “Pandhari” on this special occasion .Students continued the activity by organizing a drawing competition for all faculty members by the theme of the imagination of individuals within 5 minutes of span of time. Later on students made faculty members to explain the drawing of the individuals by this students made faculties to remember their school days. Student of EE shared his views about importance of teacher in life and the way how they mould the student’s life in building once carrier. Also Students performed Skit, Dance and Song on this special occasion which created a good environment for students and faculty members. The event concluded by the musical performance by students of different branches.Hence, program was successful and entertaining, in disciplined manner.


National Science Day (NSD) is celebrated every year on 28th February to honour the discovery of the Raman effect by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. The main aim of the celebration is to share the importance of science and inculcate scientific temperament among the students through quizzes, lectures, competitions, and showing experiments.Students of Department of Applied Sciences, BGIET celebrate the NSD every year by doing different activities on the college campus. This year the forum decided to visit a nearby school to show some magical chemical experiments.Students of the school were very excited and expressed their views towards taking up a scientific life. The college students also showed some experiments from their textbooks and explained the concept of acid-base, redox reactions, precipitation reactions, science in everyday life, etc. BGIET students also got some hands-on training during the event.


Students of B.Tech Electrical Engineering of first semester visited Verka Milk Plant, Sangrur on industrial visit. Industrial visit provide practical exposure to students of course curriculum. It will enhance their knowledge by learning things physically.



Giving the students a platform to showcase their talent, talent hunt competition was organized by BGIET students at the college auditorium.Director of the college, Dr.Tanuja Shrivastva ,Director BGIET presided over the event. Laying stress on the overall development of the students, Dr. Garima Mahajan highlighted that the college always seeks to strike a balance between academic and co-curricular activities for the students. Remembering the prominent alumni of the college like noted ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, Padam shree Hans Raj Hans, late Jaspal Bhatti, noted singer Sukhwinder Singh, the Director, BGIET motivated the students to draw inspiration from their lives and achieve success.She also advised the students to lay stress on dedication and discipline and polish their talent.More than 300 students of the college participated in the event in the competitions of singing, music, dance, quiz, debate, bhangra, giddha, mimicry, etc. Prominent personalities from various fields judged the events. The students who stood first in various events were Neha -Folk Song, Rupinder Geet Ghazal Manpreet Kaur-Dance, Deepa-Quiz, Harpreet Kaur-Drama, etc. On the occasion, the winners of the events were also honoured by the college.


The quest for knowledge, like everything else of value, is not to be obtained easily. It must be worked for, studied for, thought for, and more than that must be prayed for. To encourage the students to widen their knowledge on Innovation and new ideas related to the field of Science and Technology, BGIET Campus had organized Inter House Quiz Competition. Three students for each team from Applied Sciences participated in the Event. The first round was a rapid fire round. Each team was asked three questions. The second round was a visual round and third round was a Buzzer Round. All the teams were well prepared and the competition was very tough. The students surprised the audience with their in-depth knowledge and information on Innovation and new ideas related to the field of Science and Technology.


BGIET ,Department of applied sciences ,students embraces the diversity in its students and community by offering a variety of programming and activities that allow students, faculty and staff to share cross-cultural experiences and learning. Student from EE, CIVIL, ECE,ME,CSE,IT participated whole heartedly where students sat opposite to each team and hot debate started describing their thoughts and ideas about language. The simplest way of describing their views what it means is that it simply refers to two people having a conversation, where each person speaks a different language. This happens often naturally in bilingual communities where both speakers understand both languages, but feel more comfortable speaking a different language. Students and faculty enjoyed the event most.


The Department of Applied Sciences BGIET has organized an event Group Discussion. The main objective of the program was to improve the oratory skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills of the students. First year students of CSE,IT ,ECE,ME,EE,CIVIL participated in the event. The students participated in the event with a great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the event. Group Discussion went on various topics namely “Caste-based reservation must be replaced with economic status and education of parents”; “Instead of bullet trains, investment in existing Indian railway infrastructure can spur economic growth in India and also benefit the global economy”; “Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are killing creativity”; Diesel vehicles should be banned in Indian cities”; “Mental illness is more commonplace in urban India, as compared to rural India”. Dr. Harminder Singh, Coordinator and Mr.Malkeet Singh , Assistant Professor together judged the teams on different criteria such as knowledge on the given topic, communication skills, attitude, interpersonal skills.. Dr Vandana Sharma were the organizers of this program. On the whole, the event has proved successful. The appreciation certificates and participation certificates were distributed to all the winners and all other participants. Group Discussion is a way of enriching students with the leadershipability, creativity out-of-the-box thinking, listening and articulation skills, situational handling ability, interpersonal ability to function as a team player. Further, it is believed that this event has ignited the young minds to learn and participate in any event.

Extempore competition BGIET always thrives to cater to the all- round development of the students , With this intention an extempore competition was held for the 1st year students of BGIET by the Applied Sciences. The objective of the competition was to make the students confident and better orators so they can fearlessly express their view on any topic.
The competition was conducted in 2 rounds with 150 praticipants in first round there were 4 batches having 70 participants each , then the final round with selected 13 participants. Respected judges for the competition were
Dr. Harminder Singh
Dr. Nidhi Kalra
The participants delivered their speeches with great confidence and left no stone unturned to give in their best on the topics they got. They were asked to present their views in the time slot of 2 , The judges found it very taxing to select the best three students from all the 13 passionate participants.
They were judged on the criteria of content, fluency, voice modulation and body language. The students showed great fervour and poise in their respective presentation.
*Commendable job done
Results are as under :

  • 1st position- Abhay Jindal
  • 2nd position-Jaspreet Kaur
  • 3rd position- Prateek Singh

At the end of the program, Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Shrivastva made the students aware of the BGIET social sites , website and called upon to follow the guidelines and protocols necessary to prevent the coronavirus epidemic.