Message From HOD

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sangrur, established in 2003, offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs aimed at delivering excellence in value-based engineering education. The department boasts a team of qualified faculty members who excel in their respective specialties, enhancing student learning experiences. With state of-the-art laboratories, students engage in practical learning and cutting-edge research activities. The department’s mission focuses on preparing students for successful careers in industry, research, and academia by providing a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach. Emphasizing teamwork and leadership, students participate in multidisciplinary projects and extracurricular activities facilitated by professional bodies like SAEINDIA and the Institution of Engineers (India). Through such initiatives, students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering, positioning them for success in the competitive landscape of the field.

Dr. Parminder Pal Singh