Department of Electrical Engineering

Vision and Mission of the Department:

Vision of the Department Vision of the Department It is aimed to provide the finest environment for teaching, learning, research, innovation and character building so as to mould youth of today into world-class technocrats of tomorrow who would Endeavour to increase the quality of life for mankind.

Mission of the Department

Mission No. Mission Statements
M1 To evolve as an innovative & globally competent Electrical Engineering department that contributes to the socio – economic growth of region by utilizing the advancement in Electrical Engineering by providing conducive learning and interactive environment to students and faculty.
M2 To impart the quality education and enhance skills for developing globally competent Electrical Engineers.
M3 To provide state –of –the – art facilities and opportunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge
M4 To Develop students and faculty to cope up with modern technology with research attitude to meet the necessary industry standards.