Department of MBA

Vision of the Department

To be a center of excellence in technical education, research, and support services to produce comprehensively trained, innovative Computer Science Engineers of highest quality to contribute to the Nation’s development.

Mission of the Department

  1. Create an environment of skill learning through faculty training, online       learning, sound academic practices and research endeavors
  2. Provide opportunities to promote organizational and leadership skills in students through various extra- curricularand co-curricular events.
  3. To uplift innovative research in Computer Science and Engineering to serve the needs of industry, Governmentand society.
  4. Providing social awareness and responsibility in students to serve the Nation and to protect environment.

Our MBA programme is a two year full time programme having four semesters as per the curriculum of I.K.G. Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Punjab. Programme is premeditated to aid students to formalize ideas. Emphasis on real-life applications and the experiential knowledge pushes students to discover practical business solutions using the modus operandi that develops in and outside classroom during the programme. Special emphasis is given on the development of soft skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, achievement orientation and creativity.
With curriculum enrichment @ DBS, this programme imparts a panorama, enriching the students and encouraging them to think beyond their horizons, identify out-of-the-box solutions and challenge the status-quo. It has focus on its goal of producing Entrepreneurs and world class Manager employable throughout the globe. The focus here is not on producing business managers, but socially responsible business luminaries. It develops leadership capabilities to act as agents of change in promoting and developing social and commercial entrepreneurial activities.
Program Specific Outcomes
• To provide comprehensive understanding of the corporate world.
• To coalesce the theoretical concepts with pragmatic aspects of organizational milieu and knack of management.
• To strengthen the conceptual and analytical abilities required for effective decision making.
• To evolve with the dynamic and complex working environment
Program Thrust
The basic idea is on understanding the nature of organizational dynamics and its managerial implications. In sync with its objective and impel, the department offers specializations in the following areas:
1. Finance
2. Marketing
3. Human Resource Management
4. Operations Management
5. Business Analytics
6. Management Information System
Program Intake
The approved intake of the course is 60 Students
The programme is affiliated with I.K.G. Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar