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Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab

The basic Electrical and Electronics laboratory is utilized for performing experiments related to fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering subject common to all first year undergraduate students of the college. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a core discipline, is devoted to study of the principles of electricity to develop machines, devices and systems. The study of electrical and electronic is pivotal to both, electrical and electronics engineering students. This Lab covers all the basic devices that serve as the most basic building block of almost all electronic and electrical devices. This Lab lays a firm foundation of what is to be learned throughout the engineering curriculum.

Microprocessor Lab

This laboratory is used to provide intensive practical exposure to learn the assembly programming systematically for the different logics of microprocessor and microcontroller. Students are extensively exposed with the interfacing of microprocessor and microcontrollers with other peripherals in this lab.

Power System Lab

Electrical Power systems lab is one on the most developed lab in electrical engineering department. It is equipped with many advanced Apparatuses and devices to make all of important tests   on power systems starting from generation unit with control panel and protection equipment  passing through the transmission lines to the load units with power factor correction panel.

Electrical Machines Lab

The Laboratory is equipped with conventional and modern Electrical and Electronics measuring equipments, various AC and DC Electrical Machines and Transformers. This Laboratory caters the need of Under Graduate Students to enable them to easily understand the basics and adapt to advanced experiments like modelling of Electrical Machines and special Electrical Machines. Also, the Laboratory is used for research activities in machines using MAGNET Software and to carry out project works in the design of Electrical Machines.

Digital Electronics Lab

This laboratory will enable the undergraduate students to learn the basic concepts and techniques in digital electronic circuits and systems.

Analog Electronics Lab

Analog electronics is a branch of electronics that deals with a continuously variable signal. It’s widely used in radio and audio equipment along with other applications where signals are derived from analog sensors before being converted into digital signals for subsequent storage and processing.

Linear Control System Lab

The main purpose of the control systems lab is to give you some hands on experience with control equipment and familiarize you with some of the  tools used by control engineers.

Project Lab

Students have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of devices, applications, and innovations in the exciting field of electrical and computer engineering. During lab, students learn how to use different electrical tools, test equipment, and measurement equipment to investigate electrical circuits. Basic concepts of voltage and current relationships for circuit components are introduced. Both analog and digital circuits are explored.

Automation & Software Lab

A laboratory automation system consists of robots, conveyor systems, machine vision, and computer hardware and software. Specimen movement and result reporting are based on the identification of specimens using bar coded specimens and bar coded specimen carriers.


MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. The name MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory.