The department is equipped with the project laboratory with area of 66 Sq. Mts. Project laboratory consists of well configured systems, IC’s, bread boards, advanced project models. The students are given access to carry out their academic and research projects in the available laboratories. Major equipments available in the lab are: Work benches, Digital storage oscilloscopes and cathode ray oscilloscopes, Signal generators, Power supplies, Soldering iron kits.


The objective of this Lab is to study various electronic components and design of various electronic circuits like power supply, audio and power amplifiers. This course is considered as foundation course for electronics and electrical engineers. The subjects is studied to design and analyze various Electronic circuits such as multivibrators, applications of operational amplifiers, RC coupled amplifiers, oscillators, digital circuits etc. so that students are able to understand the practical aspects of basic electronics theory.


The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. The recent communication techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments. Students conduct experiments in communication lab where they become acquainted with oscilloscopes, signal generators and spectrum analyzers. Measurement of common signals such as sinusoids and periodic square waves are conducted in both the time and frequency domain. The training and experience that ECE students gain in this laboratory enhance their understanding of analog and digital communication systems.  Digital Communication trainer kits such as Data Formatting, Data reforming, Binary data generator, sampling reconstruction, PPM, PAM, PWM modulation and demodulation, ASK,PSK, FSK, QPSK, DPSK PCM Mod & Demod, DPCM Mod & Demod, PLL, Delta and adaptive delta modulation, and equipments like CRO (30 MHz, 100 MHz), Digital Storage CRO (100 MHz), Temperature Measurement Trainer Kits, AM Signal Generator, AM Signal Generator (72 MHz), AM-FM Signal Generator (225 MHz), Function Generator, Pulse Generator, RF Signal Generator, Frequency Counter (550 MHz), Audio Power Meter, Sound Level meter, Distortion Factor meter, Logic Probe, Microphone, Loud Speaker, AM-FM Modulation meter, and Digital communication Function generators are available in this lab.


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers laboratory course helps the students to develop their knowledge on processor architecture and the programming skills. This laboratory course provides hands-on experience to interface I/O devices, perform A/D and D/A conversions, design traffic light etc. The skills acquired through the experiments help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies. This laboratory provides facilities for the use of 8/16 bit microprocessors/microcontrollers and their interfacing for different applications, using hardware and software concepts to meet industry standards.


The main aim of the electrical measurements lab is to provide the practical information regarding the various principles involved in electrical measurements and testing. Students are allowed to conduct the experiments on various working principles of measuring instruments.

Experiments with fundamental electric circuits, illustrating the principles & limitations of basic electrical & electronic instruments in typical measurements applications & introduction to error analysis and applications to laboratory measurements.

Digital Electronics lab

The purpose of this lab is to enable the students to learn basic concepts and techniques in digital electronic circuits and systems. The learning objective of this laboratory is to supplement the theory course of digital circuits and system with adequate introduction to both combinational and sequential logic circuits, such as, adders, subtractors, comparator, multiplexer/demultiplexer, encoders/decoders, 7-segment display and decoder/driver, flip-flop, register, counter, etc. and various combinations of these. The lab is fully equipped with required instruments such as digital lab trainer kits for IC’s, multiplexer/ demultiplexer, Flip flops, Function Generators, Multimeters and CRO’s.